You Need to Know About Withdrawing From Alcohol

For someone who has an alcohol addiction, getting professional treatment is not only a good idea, but it is necessary. There are many problems that a person can experience. Some of they are psychological, so they can be addressed with an outpatient program, but other issues are physical. These problems often need to be treated in a residential alcohol detox program that has a medical staff. Although some of these problems are minor, others can be major, and under certain circumstances, they can lead to death. The following is an overview of what you might experience when alcohol is denied to your system.

A few of the minor physical problems

Both your heart rate and your blood pressure can increase, and this is not just for a few minutes. It can last for hours or even a couple of days as your body experiences the detoxification process from a withdrawal of alcohol. Although these two issues are usually minor, they can become a major issue. This is why it is often best to have your vital signs monitored. Nausea and vomiting are among the minor issues. A doctor or nurse can give you something for the nausea. Vomiting, of course, can become an issue because you need to keep food down, so you can maintain your strength. Shaking, especially your hands, can be treated as you move away from a state of addiction. Sweating and rapid breathing are common, and this can lead to difficulty sleeping. Temporary medication, in a residential facility can often be used to treat this as well. Of course, your body will want alcohol to satisfy its need for this substance, but you will also want alcohol to rid yourself of these unpleasant physical problems. A residential facility will offer you the best chance of overcoming the physical need for alcohol.

A few of the short term psychological problems

Although your body may have certain short-term reactions to alcohol withdrawal, there are short-term psychological problems as well. It is not uncommon to begin experiencing nightmares that make you wake up suddenly in the night. Intense irritability can be a psychological issue without alcohol, as well as a hyperactive state. Sometimes anxiety and panic attacks can hit a person, even when they have not had these issues in the past. It is important to have a medical staff to reassure you that what you are experiencing is simply due to alcohol withdrawals.

Major physical problems

If you haven’t been a drinker for a long time, the symptoms listed above may be all that you experience. However, long-term alcohol use, or short-term use by those who drank a lot, can lead to serious side effects. These types of problems can even lead to death. A patient that has been addicted to alcohol for many years should always be in a residential facility with a trained medical staff. One example of a serious medical issue is with seizures. This type of medical incident can happen quickly and last for several minutes. You need a medical staff to make sure you do not get hurt, and they can administer any anti-seizure medication that may be needed.

You could experience delirium tremens

This condition is something that happens to people with the most severe reactions to a withdrawal of alcohol. There are many different aspects of this condition, and not every person will experience all of them. Some of these a person will experience mentally because withdrawing from alcohol has a physical effect on the brain. Hallucinations can be severe and frequent, so you must be safeguarded from their effect. The same is true with irrational behavior and thoughts. You can mental break from reality can take place. A confusion and disorientation can set in. Something that is not dissimilar to what is found in the elderly who have dementia. However, mental issues are not the only problems. You can have problems with your breathing, your heart or have severe dehydration. Any one of these problems can be life threatening.

A good residential facility may not be a hospital, but the staff is well trained in medical issues, and they know when to call for emergency transportation to a hospital. There is usually at least one doctor on the staff, and they have the skill and equipment to stabilize a patient before the paramedics arrive. After your body no longer needs alcohol and the Dangers Of Alcohol Detoxification have dissipated, there will likely be psychological desires for a long time to come. A good residential facility will offer outpatient support and have a relationship with an outpatient program that you can begin to participate in.