Why are youngsters relying more on hair restoration surgery for career reasons?

Losing hair is one thing, but losing hair while you are still in your twenties or early thirties can be devastating. While men are somehow prepared that they might be susceptible to hair loss later in life, but if it sets in early, it can cause a lot of trauma.

Hair loss and baldness is a sensitive subject for men, they have probably seen it happen to the older men in the family, and associated it with aging. But often androgenic alopecia or male pattern baldness can set in as early as early twenties. A genetic condition, it causes the hairline to recede from the front and crown of the scalp, and can lead to complete baldness overtime.

Hair loss makes a marked difference to how we look, and at a time when the pressure to look your best is immense, young men don’t want to let it affect their confidence. How we look is not just important in our personal or social lives, but in our professional lives as well. Infact, jobs in the media, hospitality, sales and marketing, or any client facing job for that matter, requires you to look good and be well groomed. And social media only adds to the pressure.

Hair transplant or restoration presents a very viable solution for young men. Hair transplant procedures like FUE (Follicular unit extraction) and FUT (Follicular unit transplantation) are extremely advanced, and men in their twenties and early thirties don’t have to wait to get them done.

Modern hair transplant procedures are not just for old or middle aged men. These procedures are almost pain free and minimally invasive. The scarring is also minimal and barely noticeable after a few days. And in about 9 months to a year, the new hair starts to grow like normal hair.

The results of hair transplant are also very natural, and aesthetically pleasing, so you don’t have to worry about it looking fake or weird. Surgeons take extreme care to create a natural looking hairline. It is done with extreme precision and attention to the shape of the head and the face.

Hair restoration is becoming very popular among young men. Owing to irregular sleeping, night shifts, and poor quality of diet and water is triggering early hair loss in a lot of young men. The number of men in their 20’s and early 30’s going for hair restoration has increased dramatically. At this age, men are in the prime of their youth, and at a critical juncture in their careers, they definitely don’t want to let hair fall dampen their confidence.

Besides, who would want to be left behind professionally because of something like hair loss? For a lot of young men, it is also a time they want to start thinking of getting married and having a family. They need all the self-assurance and assertiveness at this age.

The advantage for young men seeking hair transplant in Delhi is the availability of some excellent clinics, and very affordable prices. Hair restoration clinics in Delhi have built an excellent reputation with clients at home and across the world. There are experienced and skilled surgeons, who have worked on hundreds of transplant procedures. The only thing to be careful about is not falling for any bizarre ‘deals’ and going to surgeons who lack experience. The idea is to find a doctor who is reputed and skilled since the success of the procedure rests squarely on that.

As for the naysayers, most surgeons agree that it is absolutely fine to get a hair transplant after you are 25. In a patient younger than that, it might be difficult to assess the stability of the donor area, which is the rear and sides of the head where hair follicles are harvested from.

It is advisable for patients to wait till they are about 25 as it will become easier for the doctor to gauge the degree of baldness, and to be able to determine how to make the transplant aesthetically pleasing.