What are the Side Effects of CBD Oil?

CBD oil or cannabidiol oil is the concentration of CBD with is found in the cannabis plant. CBD oil has many beneficial properties of treating several problems related to the health. But there are some side effects of using CBD oil too. The side effects are not very serious kind, and most people do not face any side effects by using the right amount of CBD oil. But here are some of the potential side effects or health risks which may affect the user one way or another.


Lightheadedness can be one of the side effects of using CBD oil. Using overdose of CBD oil can cause drop in your blood pressure which can create this situation. But a cup of coffee or tea can fix this problem as long as it is not severe.

Low blood pressure

Taking CBD oil in high dose can drop your blood pressure within few minutes of taking it which can cause the lightheadedness. If you are already dealing with the problem of blood pressure, you should consult the doctor before using it and only use the prescribed amount of CBD oil.

Dry mouth

Use of CBD oil can make your mouth dry and show some signs of dehydration. Studies show that CBD oil affects the function of Saliva Secretion in the body. The glands which are responsible for saliva secretion are disturbed. So, you are recommended to drink a lot of water.


Mostly CBD oil works as wake inducing agent but sometimes because of using high dosage you may feel drowsiness. In this condition, you should stay away from heavy machinery or driving a vehicle.

Parkinson’s disease

The researches have shown that overdose of CBD oil can be harmful to the patients with Parkinson’s disease. But studies also indicated that it is useful for the patients with the right dosage. Patients who are facing Parkinson’s disease should see a doctor first before using CBD oil.


Using CBD oil in high dose as treatment can make you tired and exhausted. But there are only a few people who experience this problem. Because of different physical capability CBD oil affects differently.


Some people also face the problem of bowel movement after using the CBD oil. Diarrhea is one of the potential side effects which a user may encounter after using CBD oil. This condition affects the appetite. And weight also tends to fluctuate in these cases.

Unsafe during pregnancy

There are not much researches or studies about if it’s best way to use CBD oil during pregnancy or not. But most of the doctor does not recommend of using it. A mild dosage is considered useful in this condition to treat depression and joint pains.

 Some tips to avoid the side effects of CBD Oil

  • Studies have shown that CBD oil does not affect the physical health severely, but still overdose of CBD oil can cause some side effects. So always use the required and prescribed dose of CBD oil.
  • CBD oil may produce some harmful peroxide under high heat, so avoid keeping it in heat places. Keep it somewhere warm and cold.
  • Stop using the CBD oil if you are consistently facing the severe side effects or having an irregular bowel movement.
  • Using low-quality CBD oil is most dangerous. This is not produced properly. So avoid choosing low-quality CBD oil, it will harm you instead of benefiting you.
  • In case of dry mouth or dehydration, drink a lot of water daily.
  • If you are having some serious disease or health problem like Parkinson’s disease, consult a proper doctor before using CBD oil.


These are some of the side effects which you may face while using the CBD oil. Remember knowing the possible risks and how to eliminate them can minimize the chances of its occurrence.

So, follow the tips to enjoy the optimal results of CBD oil and do your research before using it. I will help you to know that either CBD oil near me is right for your condition or not. I hope this article helps you to minimize the side effects of CBD oil and give you relief from your problem.