The NCS Counselling Program

The NCS society provides not only counseling to the patients but also teaches counseling and therapy courses. The society has a code of ethics and standard that is for those who want to go for counseling classes.

What Counselling Courses Gives?

The first thing that anyone, who wants to pursue the career in therapy and counseling should remember that the course requires not only a lot of time and effort from their part but also a lot of money is required too. This is why, if you want to invest your time and energy, you should give some thought before signing up for the course.

What one should expect, once they have enrolled in the course, is a balance of both trainings of skills and training via giving theoretical knowledge. Moreover, the instructor should be encouraging the development of both personal and professional skills. Another thing that is important is that the counseling course is registered under any reputable institute like the NCS or some similar organization so that the course would be under the pressure of abiding by the code of ethics and standard that are being provided to them.

Why Should One Seek Counselling?

Counselling can help sort out a lot of issues in one’s life. However, it is important to understand that under what circumstances they are advised to seek out counseling.


It is very difficult to go through such an experience and not feel like your whole world is upside down. If you have had an abortion in the past or are planning to get one, it is good to have someone to talk to, which is what the counselor in these situation does. They don’t steer the conversation towards the way they want. Rather they urge you to come to a decision on their own.

Sexual Abuse

If someone goes through this situation, there is a very high possibility that, due to going through such physical and emotional trauma, you would be feeling down. The counseling can help with understanding how the event has affected you and how you can turn your life back to the happy one that you used to have.

Suicidal feelings

If you are in that part of your life where you are considering suicide or having suicidal feelings, you should talk to a counselor or a therapist as soon as possible. They can help you sort out your life and overcome the feeling of depression.