Rhinoplasty, Risk, Cost, Recovery Time

Rhinoplasty is performed to reshape your nose according to your likes. As a matter of fact, during the procedure cartilage and bones are reshaped as how you prefer. Rhinoplasty surgery is done for both men and women who are depressed with the shape of their nose. Some have a very big nose and some are facing with thin nose. When done nose reshaping surgery with an experience surgeon, your facial expression will also gets changed. For the people who have breathing problem can eventually go with Rhinoplasty treatment.

If you are one of them who are confident to start Rhinoplasty surgery then some points need to be remembered. In other words, in this content we will provide you immense guide with Rhinoplasty surgery, risk, cost, and recovery time and also the best diet for your body. Before going so deep into the procedure, you must know that Rhinoplasty is of different types. We will speak them in details below.

Why do you want to go for Rhinoplasty Surgery?

Some people feel that their nose is too big or too thin. Or sometimes because of accident or birth defects you totally dislike your nose. But, whatever the situation is Rhinoplasty surgery can solve your nose job issues within a few hours. Keep in mind that a patient need to attain the age of at least 15 years old to undergo surgery because the nose also need to reach to the maturity for a perfect surgery.

Rhinoplasty can be done for both men and women. And, there is no excess age limitation as after attaining 15 years of age anyone can undergo for the treatment.

What are the Different Types of Rhinoplasty Surgery?

It is said that with Rhinoplasty surgery a patient can increase or decrease the size of their nose. Beyond that there are also different types of Rhinoplasty surgery that we will be discussing.

  1. Open Rhinoplasty: Open surgery includes to completely removing the skin from the nose. This means the surgeon can go for full control over your nose and cartilage.
  2. Closed Rhinoplasty: Close treatment is done internally from inside the nose. So, to give you the desired size and shape of nose Surgeons inserts some equipment by making a cut on the side of the nose. This method is usually done when patients do not need to go for excess shaping of nose.
  3. Nasal Implanting Rhinoplasty: This nasal implanting includes the use of silicone to bring the shape and structure of the nose.
  4. Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty: Without any invasive surgery, non surgical Rhinoplasty is a treatment where injectable fillers like hyarulonic acid are used for locating your nose.

Rhinoplasty Surgery Risk:

Although Rhinoplasty surgery can do immense changes to your looks but there is also some risk when going through treatment if not properly cared. This includes severe itching, difficulty in breathing, frequent bleeding when the wound is not healed properly. In some rare cases, nerve may get damage, skin gets discoloured, the scar get severe injured nasal pain etc. However, you can get rid or even lessen the complication if you visit an experience well cared surgeon. And also take proper care for your health and your wounds.

Cost of Rhinoplasty Surgery:

Rhinoplasty surgery varies from different patients. But approximately the surgeon’s fee as well as total cost of Rhinoplasty will be around $5000 – $7000. In Brazil, for example, Rinoplastia Rio de Janeiro the price is far less. Or it may even go beyond the cost that you have calculated. So, talk with your Doctor and calculate all the cost, hospital charge, anaesthesia fees and everything. The more the procedure consumes time, the more expensive surgery.

Apart from that, the surgery cost also varies from hospital to hospital or place to place. Whatever the cost is, be sure the Surgeon is a well experienced Doctor. If you are from India then Rhinoplasty cost in India would go further from 50,000 – 1 Lakh.

Rhinoplasty Recovery Time:

To get recovered completely from Rhinoplasty treatment, a patient needs to wait for two to three weeks approximately. Recovery time also varies from the types of Rhinoplasty treatment you underwent. Maximum people go for daily work after a week or 10 days. Also, after the surgery you must avoid some physical exercises for two to three months ie. No travelling around, no physical exercises and no heavy activities. This are the Rhinoplasty recovery time.

So, these are some of the Rhinoplasty, risk, cost, recovery time information. So, Rhinoplasty before and after surgery, you must consult and have a talk with the surgeon about all the complications and risk. Be open and ask your Surgeon about all the treatment and your difficulties that you are facing with your nose. For more information, consult your Doctor soon.