Melasma Creams That Work Fast

If you have melasma then chances are you want to know how to get rid of it fast. There are numerous treatments out there for this bothersome skin condition, but some of them don’t work as well as others.

The most popular form of treatment for melasma is definitely skin lightening creams. Also, known as skin brighteners and skin bleaching creams, these topical treatments are popular because they work so well. The trick is to find the right cream that works for you. There are various melasma creams out there to choose from so finding the right one can be tough.

How Do They Work?

Creams for melasma work by inhibiting the production of melanin in the skin. As soon as you apply the cream it goes to work lightening the affected area it was applied to. There are some creams that actually destroy the cells that produce melanin pigment so that the melasma fades away.


There are a number of different risks you need to be aware of depending on the type of cream you choose to go with. Probably the most dangerous risk associated with some of these creams is the fact that they can cause cancerous cells to develop in the skin.

The type of creams that can cause this adverse effect are the ones that have mercury as an active ingredient. Mercury based creams are actually banned in some parts of the world. For this reason it is important that you check the manufacturer’s list of ingredients before you begin using it.

Some other ingredients you should be trying to avoid for health reasons include:

  • Steroids
  • Parabens
  • Alcohol
  • Dioxane
  • Phthalates

If the skin lightening cream you are thinking about going with contains any of the above ingredients you should think twice before rubbing it on your skin. Some of these harmful ingredients can actually get absorbed into your bloodstream and cause a lot of problems.

For a more comprehensive list of harmful chemicals in creams you should stay away from check out this article.

The Best Melasma Cream

The best cream to get rid of melasma on your face will be one that lightens the dark spots and prevents it from returning. One of the best creams for melasma is known as niacinamide. This topical cream helps remove melasma by preventing the melanin pigment from reproducing. This topical solution is made from vitamin B3 so it’s all natural and doesn’t cause harmful side effects like a lot of other creams might do.

Another great benefit to using niacinamide is the fact that it is an anti-inflammatory so it helps protect your skin as well as fading away the dark spots caused by melasma.

Besides niacinamide there are a host of other forms of creams that can help you get rid of melasma. Other melasma creams known to help very well include azeliac acid, hydroquinone, and vitamin C. Creams made with vitamin C and azeliac acid usually don’t cause any side effects, but hydroquinone can cause some skin irritation if your skin is too sensitive. For this reason you may need a prescription to get your hands on hydroquinone creams.

Now that you know which creams work and which ones you need to stay away from go to your dermatologist and ask them what options you have. Make sure you ask the right questions so that you get the best cream to treat your melasma properly.