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Know about sexually transmitted disease or STD

A sexually transmitted disease or STD is an illness which happens via unprotected sexual intercourse including vaginal, oral and anal sex or even skin contact with the infected area or through intravenous (IV) drug usage. Kids can also get this disease during the time of pregnancy or while breastfeeding.  Nearly around 30 viruses, bacteria and parasites are spread during sexual activities. The germs are hidden in semen, blood, saliva and vaginal secretions. This disease is prevalent for hundreds of years. It is a clear medical problem with respective signs and symptoms. If you have more than one sex partner or you have done sex with someone who has had multiple sex partners STDs can cause. Not using a condom during sexual intercourse can sometimes also lead to this illness. Sharing of needles when injecting intravenous drugs can be another cause.

Some diseases are there which STDs are not necessarily but those are transmitted via sex. They can also be genital infections aggravated by sexual actions. These are not fatal and can be managed and curable in STD Clinic. Bacterial vagina is or the smelly discharge in women, painful ulcers and water warts around genitals are some examples.

Be clear before it’s too late

Sex is an activity of sharing pleasure between you and your partner which creates an emotional bond and articulate their love, warmth and fondness. You should have a proper knowledge of safer sex practices so that you are not engaged in any sort of illness.  Safe sex does not involve the exchange of any bodily fluids.  Many teenagers do not want to engage themselves in sex because that can lead to unplanned pregnancy as well as STDs.

  • They wait until they are old, married and matured enough to deal with the sexual activity. Other intimate actions like holding hands, locking lips, kissing, hugging, caressing etc can be carried out without the risk of transmission.
  • But while very intimate touching and mutual masturbation, some STDs such as warts can spread though they are less risky than intercourse.
  • Decide with your partner before carrying out with the sexual procedures. Condoms can be used each time if you do vaginal or anal sex. Just for a change, different flavored condoms can be used on males while having oral sex.
  • Placing dental dams or plastic wrap over the external genitals on females can be another option during oral sex.
  • Even birth control pills can be used.

According to surveys conducted, less than half of the teens supported to use condoms. It can control birth, minimize the risk of transmission of germs. Female condoms are also available but they are definitely not so popular. Anyway, one can check via internet links like

To prevent sexually transmitted diseases never do sex with anybody having rash, infections, discharges, problem of genital sores, etc. You should have a single partner for doing unprotected sex. Otherwise you can go for other different alternatives like usage of latex condoms every time you intercourse for the entire sexual act. Condoms are not fully reliable at preventing diseases or stopping pregnancy. They are effective if used well. Do not share towels or lingerie. Wash yourself before and after sex to avoid bacterial infections. The combination of body fluids and lubricants can cause itching, irritation and body odor.

Dos and don’ts of using condoms

  • Always avoid condoms made from animal skin as they can leak. So better use latex condoms available in local drug stores. In case you have an allergy towards latex, then go for polyurethane condoms.
  • Checking of expiry date is equally important because that may not keep you protected from diseases or unwanted. For safety measures keep one extra condom incase the first one gets leaked. Never use one condom more than once. Make sure you use a lubricant with condoms usually water based.
  • Avoid the use of petroleum jelly, moisturizers or lotions because it can cause the condom to break. Some condoms are available chemically lubricated with Nonoxynol-9 which helps in killing the germs that can lead to sexually transmitted diseases.
  • If you are new to your intimacy, it’s a suggestion that practice using it during times of masturbation so that you are safe while making love to your partner.
  • Do not flush used condoms ever. Keep your condoms in a temperature controlled dry place so that extreme temperature and humidity do not destroy the latex.