From a booming culture to a wild nightlife, fascinating historical spots to tremendous bars and pubs, there are plenty of reasons why Krakow should be on your Top 3 stag do destinations.

There are lots of Krakow’ stag do activities you can choose between, so it may take a while to lay down the perfect itinerary for you and your squad. But keep in mind: if you choose to interland your stag do with a once-in-a-lifetime experience in Krakow, it is a shame not to take advantage of the city’s fabled, fascinating atmosphere.

To help you take the best decisions for a not-to-be-ever-forgotten stag do in Krakow, here is a list of 3 never-to-be-missed activities to add on your stag do wish list.

  1. Make football something special

Do you wish for a memorable, entertaining stag do, but also do not want to get out of that fit groom shape you’ve been working so hard for? What if you incorporate some physical activity into your bachelor party?

Your competitive spirit can’t be let at home not even on a stag do weekend. Some football adrenaline is just the perfect fit for two days of boy quality time. You can choose one hour of Football Pitch Rental, spiced with a beer after the game, or you can choose to transform the classic football game in something very funny and unique: Bubble Football.

You’ll get the pitch to yourselves for a whole hour of unadulterated amusement and guaranteed belly aching laughter, as you all run around trying to play football with your upper bodies encased in a huge inflatable bubble. The game will be completed with a round of beer, too.

  1. Spoil your stag with a Day Spa experience

After all the football physical effort, spending the whole day at the Spa is just what you’ve been dreaming of. In these times, the Spa relaxation is no longer an activity reserved only for the ladies. Jacuzzi, sauna, steam bath – they are all for you and your stag group, so you can get all reinvigorated for a night out to remember.

So get your stag squad and enjoy an afternoon of luxury and indulgence!

  1. Take your chance on a Casino Tour

Did you know that it is only at night when Krakow really wakes up to life? Get a taste of adventurous, exquisite nightlife in Krakow and kick off your stag do with an unforgettable Casino Tour. A stag do weekend is the perfect opportunity for you and your fellows to really splash the cash!

You can call it the last night of freedom because there is no better place for a casino crawl than away from home. Not to mention that Krakow is the jewel of Poland crown when it comes to outdoor fun activities, beverage, and nightlife.