Growing taller with yoga

Yoga is the most benefited way through which a person can attain a good height. Yoga helps you in stretching your muscles and giving you a correct height.

Here is some asana that will help in growing your height.

Surya namaskars:  it is a set of 12 sets of exercise. It is basically an offering to the sun. The best time to perform Surya Namaskar is at the time of sunrise. The benefit of performing Surya Namaskar is that it helps in improving the blood circulation in your body and proper functioning of the nerves.

Sukhasana: it is the easiest asana that a person of all ages can perform. The best result can be seen if it is performed early in the morning and that to empty stomach. This pose helps in expansion of your spine and giving a good height to your body.

Paschimottanasana: it is seated forward bend asana. You have to stretch your body and touch your hands with your toes. This should be done early in the morning and that to empty stomach. You can also do this asana in the evenings also. This asana helps in stretching your spine and hamstrings. This asana also helps in improving digestion and reduce the headaches and also helps in curing high blood pressure. It increases your height and also helps in removing obesity.

Marjariasana: marjariasana or the cat pose is very helpful in increasing your height. You have to sit on your knees and then bend your body forward by touching your hands to the floor just like a cat. You can perform this in the early morning with empty stomach. If not possible you can perform this in the evening. You have to hold the pose for 10 seconds. The benefit of this asana is that gives stretch your shoulder and manages a good digestion system. This asana also helps in removing extra fat and gives you a good body. This asana helps in proper circulation of oxygen and blood in your body.

Tadasana: Tadasana or the mountain pose can be practised at any time of the day. You can practice this pose for 10—20 seconds. It helps in improving your posture and helps in strengthening your knees and thighs. If reduces the fat of the body. It improves the firmness of the abdomen and improves the blood circulation in the body.

Vrikshasana: Trikonasana or the tree pose is the best asana that will in giving a good posture and stability to your body. you have to stand straight and put your one foot on the thighs of the other leg and stretch your hands and join them together. It shows best results if it is done in the morning in the fresh air. You need to keep your eyes open while performing this asana unit strengthens your bones and leg muscles and activates your concentration power.

So these are some yoga asana that will help you in the increase in height.