Clenbuterol as a diet pill


Clenbuterol is well known as a miracle diet pill to reduce weight and it is now a days very popular in Hollywood and many superstar use it to reduce their weight and get into shape, it is also known as slimming pills. This pills is usually banned . This pill does not fall into the category of steroids but it is steroid like substance which increase your heart beat and pulse and your body become unrest for several couple of ours and constantly burn the extra calories in your body, it also affect your digestive system which affect your daily routine of eating and help you to consume less food than you usually consume in a normal day.

                        This particular drug is mostly very famous in the female models and movie star to maintain their zero figure and too look good on and off screen, and as like other steroids it also does not have any side effects for a female body just like building giant muscles while working out or deepened your voice or increasing your body hair growth and these side effects are irreversible.

The benefits of this drug are follows.

  • Rapid weight lose
  • It stops your body to create new fat
  • Remove excess water from your body
  • Lean your body muscles
  • It can also work as pre workout diet
  • You burn calories more faster than you can consume
  • It protects your Organs during weight lose like lungs etc
  • It normalize your breathing process.

Side Effects:

Clenbuterol pills are mostly used in a medical term to use as a cure of asthma in the horses and it is mostly used in USA ,Canada and many European countries and other than that in  UK it is a severe crime to use this this supplement in a larger amount or to supply it in the market and if UK police caught some body with the large amount of Clenbuterol pills than there are great chances of that person being prosecuted.

Reasons why this particular drug is banned in many parts of the world is that the excessive amount of these pills can increase your heart beat to that level which so high that it can end up stopping your heart and can cause death. There are many other side effects of this pill that are  normally found in the other steroids too which are follows

  • Anxiety
  • Dry mouth
  • Heart problems (faster heartbeat, heart attack, heart damage)
  • You will regain your weight after you stop using Clenbuterol pills or your daily routine work out.
  • Vomiting after the use

So as you see that no steroid that we use to lose our weight are 100% healthier for our body but its up to you that how you use them as Clenbuterol is one of the most effective weight reducing pills in the market but it also has its own side effect which can be life threatning to you.