Tips to Help Your Child Dealing With Delayed Puberty

As an adult, we know that puberty is one of the most emotionally challenging phases of one’s life. But, when puberty is delayed on someone, they face the additional emotional challenge of feeling left behind.

You might not yet be too concerned about your teen child not to be showing the signs of maturity in their body. But, your child might be feeling embarrassed for looking like a kid when their friends have already started growing like adults. They might be handling lots of peer pressure. And, as a parent, it is your responsibility to help your child deal with their delayed puberty and the emotional challenges they may be facing.

Obviously, it’s your first experience of dealing with a teen child like a parent and you don’t know exactly what to do. This is the reason we are giving you some tips to deal with the situation in an experienced manner.

Be your child’s best friend – You might still be treating your child like a small kid. But, now it’s the time to take yourself to their level and be their best friend. Becoming your child’s best friend means giving them the confidence to talk to you on every topic. Your child might be interested in knowing why his voice is not deepening or why her breast is not growing like her friends. And, you should build the level of trust so that your child can approach you with their concerns. Unless you don’t listen to them you won’t know what their troubles are.

Be the motivator and counselor for your child – When you listen to your child like a best friend you’ll know their concerns and then you’ll have to give them a solution. Be empathetic while looking for a solution to their problem. It might not seem a big problem to you that your child is still talking in that kid like high voice when his classmates have grown a deep voice. But, for the child, it is a big issue. If not given the positive thoughts he may develop a negative image of himself. A girl might start being pessimistic towards life just because her breasts are not growing big like other girls of her age. So, be a motivator and counselor for your child. Tell them that a delayed puberty is not a very uncommon thing and they would soon catch up with the kids of their age. Tell them to focus on their present and developing the skills they can without worrying about the thing that’s not in their hands. Assure them that you too are concerned about their overall development and you’ll consult a doctor if the puberty really delays.

Make your child follow a healthy lifestyle – You should pay attention to a healthy lifestyle of your child from the very beginning. But, if you have not done it yet you should start focusing on it now. Tell your child that a healthy lifestyle is a key to healthy natural growth. Make them do exercise and follow a healthy diet. In many cases, an alteration in diet and physical activity is enough to bring the child’s pubertal growth on track. This is more evident in the kids who are very skinny.

Consult an expert doctor – When you see no signs of improvement even after altering the lifestyle or if the child is taking the matter too seriously then you should consider fixing an appointment with a doctor. Sometimes there are actually some serious underlying issues causing the delay in puberty. Diseases like Kallmann Syndrome, Prader -Willi syndrome, Bardet-Biedl Syndrome etc. are normally seen behind the delayed puberty. The treatment normally consists of giving the concerned child doses of sexual hormones to trigger the production of such hormones in the body. Sites like XpertDox can help you understand a great deal more about syndromes such as Kallmann’s Syndrome. This helps you get your child the best treatment possible. Even if not the hormone injection the doctors would give you the best advice.

Consult a psychotherapist if the situation seems tough to handle – You might find yourself in a situation where you yourself start feeling lost. Normally, doctors too would suggest waiting for the body to naturally hit the puberty. But, your child might not be ready to listen to you or the doctor. The psychotherapists are trained expert to understand human psychology and handle the situation well. They will be able to take the child in confidence to make them deal with the situation without being anxious or depressed.

Never underestimate your child’s problems. What’s unimportant for you today might be the biggest issue for them.