Know everything about chronic deep vein thrombosis

What is a clot and hence, chronic deep vein thrombosis?

Clot is nothing but lump of blood cells which has been developed due to some injury. Even after your injury has been healed but it may happen clotting would result in formation of lumps which hinders the pace of blood flow. This problem is termed as DVT (deep vein thrombosis). Not necessary it occurs due to injuries can be certain other reasons too.

This is likely to form in the lower leg region, pelvis region and thigh area. It can also form in any other part of human’s body too.

Deep vein thrombosis can be a reason for various disease and problems. It may even prove o be fatal in long run. When it is prevailing for more than two to three months then it is called chronic deep vein thrombosis.

How can you recognize it?

The signs which you can notice if this problem is dwelling in your body:

  • Swelling of arms and legs.
  • Feel pain while standing or walking
  • The area where you sense is paining remains warm
  • The vein gets enlarged
  • Skin color at some places seems to turn blue or red, or patchy of red or blue are observed.

It may happen that with long prevailing clot may get free or loose and flows in bloodstream an eventually stuck in lung’s blood vessel which can be fatal for the health. This problem is termed as pulmonary embolism. So, chronic deep vein thrombosis can cause pulmonary embolism.

The symptoms which are observed due to pulmonary embolism are:

  • Starvation of breath like, may finding hard to breath.
  • Pain in chest while you take deep long breath.
  • Expelling blood through cough
  • Increase in the heart rate

What are the causes of chronic deep vein thrombosis?

The reasons which end up in the formation of chronic deep vein thrombosis are given below:

  • This can happen in any span of age, but observed more patients above the age of 40.
  • Sitting continuously for long period of time can cause risk. While you continuously sit in a single posture with less or no motion at all it allows muscles to be in state of lax. So, it becomes hard for circulation of blood which results in formation of clits in that area or region which stays in same posture for long time.
  • Pregnancy: While the womb of a woman carries baby it happens to increase the pressure on the veins of legs and also pelvis. Which can cause the formation of lumps, moreover it can occur even after 6 weeks after woman gives birth.
  • Obesity: it is another and most prominent reason which observed in the patients of chronic deep vein thrombosis. Calculate or body mass index if it exceeds 30 then you are in obese condition and prone to have deep vein thrombosis.

As said, it is better to take preventions before rather than curing it later. So, escape yourself from the conditions which can cause chronic deep vein thrombosis.