Why marijuana gets a bad reputation, and how that’s changing

Marijuana is known to be the most abused drug in the world. There are many places where it is considered an illegal drug but there are some significant medical values of the drug that are being discovered gradually.

It’s important to know why marijuana gets a bad reputation, and how that’s changing as it will help in getting to know more about this drug. The reason why marijuana gets a bad reputation is because of its widespread abuse along with the corresponding public issues that arises due to it.

Moreover, it’s known as a dangerous drug with few medical implications and the negative reputation is the result of the propaganda where it has been depicted that it is a gateway drug. This issue has intensified in the media where the images of marijuana were getting burnt and fields of plants being chopped down where shown to the public which lead to the bad reputation of marijuana eventually leading to marijuana and drug gangs’ eradication. The negative reputation of marijuana has resulted in problems for people who are unable to get it even if they need for some medical issues. Even though it’s being widely used as medicine, it’s still not accepted by the overwhelming majority. But as the bad reputation is changing, there are efforts in different states where marijuana is being legalized so that it will not be difficult for people to get it if they need it for treating different medical issues. With the growing movements for legalizing marijuana, it is being prescribed for treating different aliments from cancer, HIV, Aids, glaucoma and many other medical problems. Marijuana is natural and has many medicinal properties and that’s the reason why it has increased its popularity and use.

A production assistant inspects a Cannabis plant in a state-owned agricultural farm in Rovigo, about 60 km (40 miles) from Venice, September 22, 2014. Italy legalised marijuana for medical use last year, but the high cost of buying legal pot in a pharmacy meant few people signed up. Starting next year, a high-security lab in a military compound in Florence will grow cannabis for Italy’s health care system in an experiment the government says could bring safe, legal and affordable marijuana to suffering patients. To match Feature ITALY-MARIJUANA/ Picture taken September 22, 2014.

With the change in social perception of marijuana, it has been found that this drug is relatively safe to use, and it’s becoming less stigmatized. There are a large number of health benefits that are offered with the use of marijuana as it affects brain health positively. It facilitates effective learning, memory gain, decision making, reaction time and coordination as you will experience an improvement in the brain functions. The medicinal use of marijuana also includes using it for suppressing nausea and relieving pain. Also, it can be used for relieving the side effects of chemotherapy for people suffering from cancer. It helps in reducing anxiety, as it helps in improving the mood as the smoker as it also acts as sedatives when using in low dose. Marijuana is considered as a treatment for hepatitis C infection because there are many negative side effects including muscle aches, nausea, fatigue, depression, loss of appetite. Moreover, this is also known as a miracle drug that can help in curing a host of other health ailments as it can be used for its medicinal properties for making is a drug that is being legalized in many states.