Tricks For Passing Mouth Swab Test

The legality of drugs depends on the type of drug and the country one is living. Most people take drugs for fun and pleasure while few take as part of treatment of their medical ailments. Most people use drugs illegally as part of their pleasure and few become addicted to the drugs like marijuana, weed, and many more. Most of the drugs are stimulants and directly act on the central nervous system. Few type of anabolic steroids fall under the category of drugs which is often used by athletes and body builders. These drugs stay longer in the blood stream of the human body and some might even leave traces for more than 24 hours of duration. One can identify a person taking drugs only by performing certain medical tests. Drug tests can be performed in various forms like hair test, mouth swab test, blood test, and many more. Mouth swab test is commonly used drug test method and these tests are common in the corporate world. In the mouth swab test, the saliva of the person is collected as a sample to perform the drug test. Most of the companies carry the process of dug test for their employees before getting hired. Most employees can get rejected from getting hired if failed in drug test. how to pass a mouth swab drug test? Well, there are tricks one can follow to pass in the drug test.

Homemade remedies for detoxification of the body

One has to detox the body completely before going for the drug tests and sometimes the detox process might require more than 24 hours. There are many detox products that are available in the market which help in removing the drugs from the body. One can follow many other homemade tricks and each drug has different method of detoxification. One has to follow the methods before 24 to 48 hours of test time. How to pass a mouth swab drug test? Some of the tricks to pass the saliva drug test are as follows:

  • Avoid completely taking nicotine products for about 24 to 48 hours before the test time.
  • Maintaining continuous mouth hygiene thoroughly for all time until the time of test.
  • Eating high fat food at least minimum of 1 hour before the saliva test. Fat gets stick on the saliva and stays for little longer time and due to which the drug gets detoxed.
  • Poppy seeds react with drugs and one should avoid eating food containing poppy seeds
  • Dilution process is one of the methods that one can follow to detoxify drugs from the body. This works well when the process is started a day before the test. Drinking fruit juices such as cranberry, orange and water helps in the process of dilution and removes drugs from the body. One can test at home by monitoring the color of urine.
  • Drinking large quantity of water and consuming drug detoxifying substance like creating removes the drugs from the body and helps the person passing the saliva test.