Lower Back Pain- One of the Main Problems Faced by Runners and Athletes

Sports of all kinds, especially the ones in connection to so much of physical activities have always successfully retained a huge crowd for itself at all the times. In spite of the upcoming of very many electronic gadgets, there are a lot of people who show unfathomable interest and enthusiasm towards many of the outdoor games. Some of them are cricket, tennis, badminton and many other games that are related to athletic practices. However the games differ by way of the methods in which they are played, the root of all these games is the same and that is nothing but running. Not only in games, but also in life running has become an important activity which is so much so inevitable.

For instance, all of us want everything in life to be done in a very fast manner and basically this swiftness can be achieved only by way of running. However, it plays an even bigger role in the lives of professional runners since of all the people, the ones belonging to this category carry out running as a special and dear activity out of the passion they have developed towards the same. Though the activity of running has more of a positive side, it also leads to various bodily problems to the individual who practice it, provided they do not do it in the proper way in which it ought to be done. One of the most common problems in connection to this particular act is that of the Runners lower Back pain and it is usually caused due to various reasons.

What are the general causes of lower back pain?

Lower back pain is one of the commonest problems that an athlete or a professional runner usually under go. Some of the major reasons and solutions in connection to the Runners lower Back pain are highlighted as follows.

  • Take care of your posture- The position which you take while you are running plays a major role in causing bodily issues. So, you need to make sure that you take a comfortable posture that suits you. Another important thing is that the muscles of your back should only be given a little restrain. Just make sure that your muscles are not too tight while you are running.
  • See to your shoes- You should be careful enough to choose a good and comfortable pair of shoes whose insides are made up of soft soles. If not, your body will be definitely subjected to great inconvenience which will lead to serious bodily issues in the long run.
  • Do not over work- While practicing, just keep on increasing your laps in a gradual manner. If you over do the work out all on a sudden, your body will not be able to co- operate to the speed.
  • Exercise regularly- Body fitness is so much so necessary for every runner and such fitness can be attained and then regulated only by way of regular exercise.