Light it Up Smoke it Up: A Perfect High from Bubblers

Typically, blubbers are an improvement from the conventional bongs. Despite their small design, they still use water for infiltration but provide for a greater smoking experience compared to the traditional bongs. Most of the blubbers on sale are made of durable and tough borosilicate glass that makes the blubber a great travel accessory.

In the recent years, there has been a constant rise in oil rigs or concrete bubblers which are fitted with vapor domes and concrete nails, and this is an improvement from the slides and conventional bowls.
Why blubbers create stronger high than ordinary pipes
Apart from tar and other chemicals the water might be absorbing, it’s also getting rid of THC and other cannabinoids from your joint. The reason why you’re getting so high can be because of the chimney kind of smoke you are pumping into your veins.


Changes to your smoking experience
For centuries now, human beings have enjoyed smoking cannabis in three distinct ways: rolling into a paper or leaf, smoking or taking rips from part of a pipe, and throwing into an incinerator burner or bonfire. The inception of the Martian bubbler has changed the way stoners enjoy their favorite blunts or joints. Here are some of the unique aspects that make bubblers a great tool:

Uniting rippers and rollers

Over the years, humans have developed different criteria to ingest cannabis. However, the debate along the lines of bongs versus blunts still rages on. The Martian blubber takes into account the smoking ease and flavors in blunts or joints using blubbers or bongs filtration. Stoners can now enjoy a long smoking experience with the smooth hitting feel of a bong.

There is also the mj arsenal original maritan bubbler design that conveniently fits in a purse given that it’s just inches in size. This makes it deceptively simple, patent pending device.

The Alien design

The narrow mouth, high wall of the Martian blubber makes it spill resistant while at the same time, the low liquid volume means that there is no shortage of bong water to clean up or dispose of. Since it comes in a low profile structure, air can conveniently be drawn out when you exhale. Also, the calibrated opening is small enough with the surface tension preventing splash-up on the tip of the joint or blunt.

Given its tapered opening, the Martian is designed to handle the standard sizes to the fattest of blunts. Additionally, it features a structurally positioned carb hole for a convenient one-hand use.

Designed by some of the longest time blunt enthusiasts; Buck and Josh, the technology sought to give stoners a water filtration bubblers to enable them to explore different flavors without the harshness of unfiltered smoke. Not only is the Martian a great tool, but it also offers an extensive smoke time period that is both smooth and relaxing. This is a better improvement from the traditional bongs, and is highly competitive given its small size that makes it a great travel accessory.

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