How to Become an Optometrist

Do you want to become a Doctor of Optometry? Do you have the passion for giving life to the eyes of the people? Then pursue your dreams and make it all happen.

Having a passion for improving the vision of people is of a significant value in the world and in the lives of people. Imagine how blurry life looks like without properly seeing things according to what it should be. So if you want to be an optician, then go for it! A lot of people surely need your help and expertise.

Today, we are giving you the basic things that you should know in order to achieve your dreams in providing health care when it comes to vision.

  1. Getting a High School Diploma

Just like every other course, in every degree that you would want to pursue, the most important thing that you should get first is a high school diploma. You should also be mindful of keeping a good knowledge about Chemistry, Physiology, and Biology because these are the primary fields that will focus in optometry. Completing a high school program can give you a better chance of achieving your dreams to become an optometrist.

 But there is also an alternative one for getting a high school diploma. You can also take a General Education or GED exam. Make sure to give the above-mentioned fields a focus as these are really important as you proceed in getting a degree in Optometry.

  1. Getting a Four-year Bachelor’s Degree

Optometry is a field that requires a vast knowledge about Science. However, if you would want to become effective as an optometrist, you should take a bachelor’s degree which can give you a profound knowledge and preparation about it. Some schools of optometry require their students to have a background in Chemistry, English, Physics, Biology, and Mathematics.

But on the other hand, there are also some schools which do not require a four-year degree program. But you should at least complete a three to a four-year degree program before you will be accepted on the admission.

Be mindful as well that before you can take up a degree in optometry, it is a prerequisite to have a bachelor’s degree first.

  1. Taking Optometry Admission Test (OAT)

The Optometry Admission Test is a prerequisite for you to enroll in a school of optometry. Getting a high performance on this admission test will give you a higher probability to get accepted. In preparation for the admission test, you can surely take some reviews about the exam. You can also check the test regulations, rules of conduct, the eligibility requirements, and of course the testing procedures too. The tests are administered and conducted by the Prometric Test Centers.

  1. Completing a Doctor of Optometry Program

You are finally closer to your dream. In order for you to achieve this passion and dream, you have to complete your Doctor of Optometry degree in a school of optometry. An optometry degree takes four (4) years for you to complete at an accredited optometry school.

 Usually, in order to enroll, it is worth approximately $9,000 up to $22,000 for the annual fee. However, it still depends on which school do you wish to apply.

  1. Getting a License as a Doctor of Optometry

You are now one step closer to achieving your dream to become a doctor of optometry. Before you can finally be called as a doctor, the only thing left for you to accomplish is to get your license. Upon completing a degree on Doctor of Optometry or O.D., you must complete the test conducted and administered by the National Boards in Optometry.

The test usually includes a written test and clinical examinations which are a part of a due process in the road to becoming a licensed Optometrist.

These are just some of the basic fundamentals in order to achieve your dream to become an optometrist. Remember, even if no matter how hard it may seem, there is no shortcut to achieving your dreams. The hardships and the difficulties that you may experience are just the prerequisites in order to become an effective and highly respected optometrist.

Since this is your chosen field, always take every difficulty as a driving force for you to become a soon-to-be Doctor of Optometry, an optician who will be of great help to a lot of people.

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