As we already know what does a pediatric oncologist does ? and what his work ? similarly each and every field has its own importance in their field of industry in this world. Never it is constant that every field will have its equal importance or position in the industry or market always in a same or constant position, it will always change from time to time. It may happen that sometimes it will grow and reach a highest position and later in the next second it may fall or the demand may not be there anymore. Similarly, like the other fields, pediatric oncology is the growing field in this latest version of 2017. The most important factor that usually affects the every field is the demand it has. In comparison to that nowadays as the number of patients are increasing in the hospital in the day to day life, therefore the demand for the pediatric oncologist is also increasing in the same rate.

Oncologist do treatment of both children’s and the young adults therefore nowadays many hospitals are in search of a pediatric oncologist for their workforce. Education is the minor part of every field, but when it comes to the salary, it depends upon the experience and the position. Out of all the cities, New York is very high populated city, among the New York or Los Angeles, California is the high paying wages on overall average.¬†¬† Along with the increase in wages the work load and tiresome hour also increases sometimes depending upon the situation. In most of the cities, if anyone works as a specialist will be earning more than working at any normal hospital. In the coming span from 2012 to 2022 there is expected to be increase of 18% in the industry. And when it comes to this industry, medical and diagnostic laboratories are the highest paying field.

Before entering¬† to this field there are very few steps which to be followed or crossed or overcome to reach their are: at first pre-medical courses related exams are required to be appeared in which you have be qualified with a good scoring. After that you will be entering a medical school where you will be completing your basic medical course and will be achieving a bachelor’s degree. In the medical school you will be spending your five years from the part of your five in which first 2-3 years will be going on lab and lecture coursework and the rest two years you will be spending in practicing in the hospitals or clinics. Ones you are done with this and after receiving the bachelor’s degree. You can further continue you studies, if you are interested in doing in any field, related to that or specialization in that. For that you have again appear some medical exam and score good result after that again enter a college where you will be studying for more 2 years and come out with a licensed doctor. So in overall in this latest version of 2017 you need 7-8 years of hard work and struggle to reach your goal and after that also you have to struggle a lot to reach a certain highest position and earn name and frame because in this century the competition is very hard and nothing can be earned so easily.