Growth Hormone Supplements

Hormones are chemical signaling molecules synthesized by specialized cells of certain glands and organs of the body majorly by the endocrine glands. Such hormones are generally proteins and are produced in minute amounts following which they find their way in the bloodstream. Through blood, they travel towards their “target organ” or tissue to exert their effect. Many hormones regulate growth. Some directly exert their effect on target organs, while some others function by stimulating the generation of other hormones, and these hormones, perform functions required for growth directly. One major hormone responsible for linear growth functions is the growth hormone (GH) which is produced by the special cells in the anterior pituitary called somatotrophs.

The secretion of GH from the cells is not regular and it also keeps declining with age naturally. It is highly important for the body. Deficiency of GH results in poor growth in children and in adults it leads to a diminished sense of wellbeing, fat accumulation, heightened cardiac malfunctions and also an improper functioning of muscles and bones. These very reasons have made GH therapy very famous and GH supplements are available for treatment in the form of tablets, capsules, powders, sprays and even subcutaneous injection. However, none can be used without a prescription.

Who can take the GH supplements?

All the GH supplements are available for use only by prescription. One might choose the easy way out but then he/she might be compromising the health. Also, it is essential that the person, be it child or adult be diagnosed with GH deficiency according to certain set criteria for being candidates for GH therapy.

Potential side effects

The side effects associated with the use of synthetic GH are many. Like decreased blood sugar, hypothyroidism, headache, nausea, muscle and joint pains. However, with administration by injections, there might be several other side effects also like edema at the site of injection, seizures post treatment or even local irritations. It is also noteworthy that the side effects in adults are not different from children. One should consult the doctor for dosage related information as that will be decided based on the person’s age, weight and degree of deficiency. Certain more side effects might also be accompanied along if the therapy is taken by normal people. N such scenarios taking help from the medical practitioners becomes more important.

Which form is the best?

GH supplements in the form of tablets or capsules have been around for a long time and are offering great results ever since. Most of the pills are releasers of the same formulations of the hormone as the injections or sprays. A number of pills have been reported to increase muscle mass, sexual drive and some have also managed to cure sleeping disorders. The sprays are generally taken in the mouth and their absorption occurs faster. In the case of subcutaneous injection, the dosage is fixed, only a certain required amount of GH approaches the target and helps in maintaining the hormone at a steady level. But these are painful and expensive. So it is important that a person studies the therapy and the route well before opting for best results with minimum side effects.