Buying prescription medicines from a Canadian pharmacy is relatively easy

Buying prescription medicines from a Canadian pharmacy is relatively easy and may save U.S. consumers a lot of money. Purchasing the same medicines from a U.S. drugstore is often much more expensive. The pharmacy in Canada mails the medicines to your door, thus saving you an additional trip to the local pharmacy.

There are many drug stores offering similar services online, so it’s important to do a little homework and use the one with the most benefits. After comparing price and delivery options, ask about other benefits like rewards programs the pharmacy offers to customers.

Pharmacy Credentials

Most importantly, check out the pharmacy’s credentials. Ask if the pharmacy in Canada is properly licensed to operate in that country. In addition, learn if the pharmacy is a Canadian International Pharmaceutical Association (CIPA) member. If the pharmacy doesn’t display or offer the license number online, ask. Check the pharmacy’s physical address and phone numbers.

Prescription Medicines

Search the online pharmacy in Canada to ensure that it carries the specific prescription medicines you need. Not every online pharmacy in Canada offers the same medications manufactured by big pharma U.S. companies. A pharmacy in Canada may sometimes order a medicine you need from another country. This could slightly delay the delivery date of your medicines.

Contact the Pharmacy

The pharmacy in Canada most likely has a toll-free number on its website. Call and ask to speak with the pharmacy staff. Ask about the delivery schedule for an item you want to order from them. Learn if the pharmacy regularly carries it or, if not, will the pharmacy plan to have the drug available for you in the future. Ask specifically if medications you plan to order will be shipped from another location other than Canada. Ask about delivery times for items in stock. Most pharmacies in Canada deliver prescriptions within a two or three-week time frame.

New Customer Application

Before placing an order, complete the pharmacy’s new customer intake application. Click yes to join the site. Provide answers to all questions on the intake form. For instance, tell the pharmacy about any known allergies you have to medicines. Of course, provide your legal name, address, and telephone number. You’ll see that the questions are identical to those a local pharmacy asks when you fill a prescription for the first time.

Order Prescription Medicines from a Pharmacy in Canada

After completing the customer application, you should be able to place an order on the pharmacy website or by sending your request to the pharmacy fax number. After double-checking the details, press enter to send the order. You will receive a confirmation number. Print the page or copy and paste it into a Word document for your reference.

Your order is usually shipped very quickly. If you don’t receive your order within the three-week period, contact the pharmacy to check your order. To ensure you have enough of the medicines you take, reorder two months’ ahead of time to maintain the three-month supply.

U.S. Laws

In the past, ordering or “importing” prescription medicines from another country may have been against the law. Today, the U.S. House of Representatives has voted to pass three separate versions of legislation that will enable U.S. consumers to legally import drugs for personal use. That’s good news because many seniors have difficulty paying for medications. Buying medicines from a reputable pharmacy in Canda can save money and it’s very convenient as well.

State Laws

Some states, such as Maine, have allowed residents to import medicines for personal use ahead of the national law. Rhode Island was the first state to allow this practice in 2005.

While it’s possible to buy discounted medicines without a prescription at some online pharmacies, your pharmacy in Canada will probably ask you for a prescription. That’s because legitimate pharmacies throughout Canada must abide by similar ethical codes as pharmacies in the U.S. While it may be possible in some cases to buy a prescription medicine from an online pharmacy that doesn’t ask you or the doctor to transmit the physician’s script, it’s always best for you to provide it. Doing so ensures that the pharmacy has your doctor’s orders regarding the specific drug and dosage.