Silicone – what they do in your haircare

I can’t really remember when I started stopping silicone based hair products. But I do remember what was the absolute reason for this step in my beauty care. I mean there where many negative articles and a lot of arguments, and that one day, which must be now around 1 year ago i made the decision to stop my chemical based haircare and i will move to healthy natural products, it was the day where my hair looked like dead without any volume and beauty.

So first of all lets discuss what are silicones ???
Silicones are a common used synthetic product which is mineral oil based and added in air products as well. The reason for that is that they are cheap and they have some fast positives effects for the hair.
The silicones will make your hair shiny be coating it. This is for the industry a cheap ingredient which will give optical positive effects immediately.

Why they are added in hair care products ???
Silicones are added for some positive effects which they will have on the hair. Because the silicones are coating each hair, they are also protect them and straighten them ans well. They give them a nice ‘shiny’ look by there coating. Silicones are cheap to add and they give a nice optical illusion of a nice and healthy hair.

Disadvantages of the silicones in hair products !
The positive effects really sound great so where is the disadvantage. The look they give to the hair is only a artificial one, and the coating of the mostly not water soluble silicones seals the hair. So the hair is unable to get humidity and proteins which are added in the hair care products. The hair dries out below the artificial silicone coating and is getting dry, thinner and will finally break.
So the coating which gives the shine will in real damage your hair. There are other disadvantages as well which will be to much to add all here but good information you can find under

Built up of the silicones !
A lot of silicones are not water soluble so they will not rinse off when you wash your hair. They will stay in the hair and over the time they build up. So the coating gets thicker and thicker and it prevents more and more the necessary moisture and protein penetration for your hair.

Independent which kind of hair you have, the principles are the same. But some people find their hair works with silicone, others find not or find out how bad they are as soon as they get rid of them.

How to spot the silicones ??

If your shampoo or conditioner is not saying silicone free you can be pretty sure that silicones are added. They are a little hard to spot because they have many names in the ingredients list. So if you spot some which you want to know you have to use the internet.

Hot to get ride of the silicones !!
The best way is to use a ‘clarifying’ shampoo. The silicones in your hair will hold quite well so it require the help of detergents such as natron to get fast rid of them. It takes several weeks before the hair is silicone free and it starts to recover and you see some real changes.

Over time you will notice that your hair is a lot lighter and ‘bouncier’ and gets so much more volume. The volume is natural without any chemical substances creating it. As well you will also see over the time that your hair is a lot ‘thicker’. It can get humidity again and will not dry our as it was the case when is was silicone covered.

Especially for persons with curly hair the less weight will have very positive effects, like the curly are defined as there is is less weigh which presses them down. It will have positive effects for everyone. I recommend natural shampoos and conditioner at all which gives you the perfect natural beauty and helps to protect the environment as well.