Things you ought to know that are affecting your back

The modern lifestyle has lead to severe back related problems that are causing some serious discomfort in enjoying the life to the fullest. Regular sitting jobs and lack of physical activity are one of the main reasons why most working people experience back and neck pain.  More than 80 percent of people, at some stage of their life experience back pain usually due to common issues we’ll discuss below.

Lifting of Heavy Objects

Many of us ignore the fact that our body and muscles are affected by lifting heavy objects, and we pay no attention to these kinds of pains. A sudden jerk while lifting a heavy item can put a strain on your muscles that can lead to severe back pain. Other times the pain and discomfort are caused by carrying heavy bag packs and purses day in and day out on either shoulders that can lead to an imbalance. The imbalanced weight distribution causes muscle stiffness and also leads to reoccurring back pain. One must utilize both the shoulders o carry weight so that uneven distribution of the weight doesn’t cause back problems.

Poor Posture

Good posture is essentially important to avoid several health-related problems and significantly reduces the chances of getting a back pain at any stage of life. Poor posture can be anything from forward head carriage, to rolled shoulders or tilting in your pelvis which can lead to a change in your spine. The longer you have bad posture, the more your body becomes used to it making it harder to change back. If you think you have a bad posture, there are many chiropractors in Sydney CBD you can consult who can assess and diagnose any postural problems you have to reduce back pain you are experiencing.

A young Asian man sleeping on a bed

Stomach Sleeping

Sleeping on your stomach is another common problem which can cause stiffness and pain in the lower back Studies have shown that people who sleep on their stomach have higher chances of getting more serious back problems since this causes a compression of the joints in the lower back that ultimately leads to excessive curve in the spine. This increased curve known as a hyperlordosis leads to an anterior tilting of the pelvis that causes weakness of your abdominal and gluteal muscles and increased tightness in your hamstrings and hip flexors.

Degeneration and Arthritis

As we age the bones and discs in between them which keep our spine moving correctly and absorbing the pressure and stress we put on our body start to change and degenerate.

Degeneration is a normal part of aging but when it starts occurring it can lead to a lot of stiffness and back pain in some people.

The rate of arthritic change and degeneration can accelerate due to repetitive strain, trauma or an accident and depending on severity can also cause compression of the nerves in your neck or lower back leading to pain in the arms or legs.

Staying active and keeping the body moving can reduce stiffness that you experience and limit the amount of pain you experience.