Symptoms of Overexposure to Cellphone Radiation

There is contradicting research when it comes to the impact of cellular phones on human beings with regards to radiation. It is certain though that overexposure to radiation can have harmful effects.

It is in your best interest to just limit your use of phones or else you might suffer from these symptoms, and things could get worse.

Recurring headaches

It is common to have headaches every now and then due to fatigue or stress. However, if it keeps coming back, but it takes time to go away, it could be due to radiation.


This could also happen due to radiation exposure. When you feel like you want to vomit even if you are not in motion or you have not eaten anything bad, you should consider radiation exposure. This is true especially if you seem fine one moment and then, suddenly, things change considerably.


Have you heard some sounds in your head that don’t go away? This could be tinnitus. There are a lot of reasons why people suffer from tinnitus. It is common though to have tinnitus as a result of exposure to radiation as it messes up your brain functions.

Inability to manage anger

When you are angry for no reason, something is wrong. At this point, radiation could be the culprit. Again, it has the ability to mess up how you think and even how you feel.

Avoid radiation

There is radiation all around us, especially since we use modern technological devices at all times. It is worse though when you use cell phones. As such, it is best to have cell phone radiation protection. Whether you believe in the impact of radiation on human beings or not, it is in your best interest to stay protected. Besides, you will lose nothing by limiting the use of your phone.

In the past, phones were not that popular, but people survived anyway. If you are already suffering from these symptoms and you think radiation is to blame, just limit your use of the phone. Use it only when important or for emergency purposes. Even if you are not using it, you should not put it near your body as it continues emitting radiation. Place it in a small bag and not in your pocket.

There are protective devices that you can wear or place in your bag. They won’t totally prevent radiation from entering your system, but they can at least minimise the impact.

Don’t wait until it is too late before doing anything about this problem. You can limit the use of your phone plus use protective devices. This is also true for your kids. They are more vulnerable than you so you have to extend more protection for them. Set clear guidelines on when they can use their phones.