liposuction is one of the most popular cosmetic surgery available in India and India is preferred for every medical treatment because of its developed medical system. Talking particularly about the cosmetic surgery available, liposuction surgery in India can easily help patients to get rid of the stubborn fat that diet and exercise is not able to handle. However, a person should always be aware about the doctor, its experience, degree which he carries etc. when you choose to undergo liposuction treatment.

In India, the center of cosmetic excellence is available in abundance. The surgeons here perform liposuction treatment with at most care and always aim at giving the best result to their patients. the motto of the surgeons in India is only that they provide the best treatment at a very affordable cost. Talking about the cost of liposuction in India, the treatment cost is very economical when we compare it to the other countries in the world.

Liposuction in India is being provided by many cities in the world, know more about liposuction treatment in different cities like:

  1. Liposuction treatment in Delhi
  2. Liposuction treatment in Mumbai
  3. Liposuction treatment in Bangalore
  4. Liposuction treatment in Chennai
  5. Liposuction treatment in Hyderabad
  6. Liposuction treatment in Pune, etc

By talking more about liposuction treatment, liposuction can be performed on nearly every body part that you can imagine. Well, everyone does not weight same and the body structure is also not same, but the most common body parts where liposuction can be performed in India is mentioned below. And yes, liposuction is priced based on the number of areas that is to be treated. Following is the list of body parts where liposuction treatment can be performed in India:

  1. Waist – for both, women and men, can be of great challenge to get rid of it even through diet and exercise. The waist area has excess skin versatility making the waist area very responsive to liposuction treatment. One who undergoes waist liposuction will surely notice a considerable reduction in the area.
  2. FLANKS – like waist area, flank also has great elasticity of the skin. The flank area resides in the lower back. This area is being treated along with waist so that even contouring happens and there is a smooth transition in your body, and it also allows female patients to achieve the hourglass body.
  3. HIPS – this area lies below the waist. In this area, typically in a women’s body, there is a possibility of fat deposits and that’s why it gets important to shape this area in order to get a round shape and get a well-defined buttock.
  4. UPPER ARMS – getting fat deposits in upper arms is a sign of aging. Getting liposuction treatment in the upper arm area will help in toning that area as well as resulting in a younger looking. Liposuction in this area will help in lifting the arm without any scars.
  5. LOWER ABDOMEN – this area is frequently requested one, liposuction in this area will result in a toned ang tight stomach. The doctor will examine this area with at most care so that he gets aware about the elasticity of the skin. If the fat area in your body is very large or the elasticity of the skin is severe, then you will be a better position to undergo tummy tuck.
  6. UPPER ABDOMEN –  generally when your lower abdomen is being treated the surgeon will even consult you to undergo the upper abdomen part also. So that, the abdomen is got back into proper shape. The upper abdomen lies between the ribs and the belly button area.
  7. HIPS – this area always give the best result to the patient and it also gives a flat looking appearance to both men and women. Instead of liposuction surgery, I would recommend you to think about Brazilian butt lift, this treatment will help you more to get a nice buttock.
  8. INNER THIGHS – this is again a common area for a women for a liposuction surgery, many women’s have a dream of getting rid of these fats that touches when you are standing. Many women need to be treated on its both outer and inner thigh so that desired shape can be availed.
  9. OUTER THIGHS – outer thigh is also known as “saddle bags”, fats in outer thigh is also one of the common problem that a woman faces. Proper amount of fat is to be removed from this area of a women because this is the area which is plays a very important role in a woman’s figure. The main focus of a woman is of getting rid of the fat but the surgeon should keep in mind that some curviness is kept to give a natural feminine look.
  10. ANTERIOR THIGH – treatment in this area is not usually in demand, but it is very useful in complementing the inner and outer thigh liposuction.
  11. LOWER LEGS – this is the most challenging area that is to be treated because the entire lower leg is to be contoured to maintain the even proportion. Ankles and calves also have some amount of fat deposits therefore, the procedure should be done carefully so that the irregular appearance does not occur.
  12. CHEST – Chest area for liposuction treatment is commonly treated in men. As the age of the men increases the men losses the muscle mass of the chest and which results in a plump appearance in that area. This is even common area where liposuction can be done for a woman and liposuction treatment can provide a no-defect and minimum interfering in breast lift.
  13. BACK – patients often ask for liposuction in back because many people, especially women get gripe of back move. The back is an incredible range for liposuction as the skin in this area is very thick.
  14. CHEEKS – liposuction treatment on cheeks can be used to contour the overall cheeks area. However, few patients will require some type of burghul fat removal to get a desired body shape.


We fair-speak about liposuction and guide people who are enquiring for liposuction treatment. It will be our pleasure to guide you for the treatment in India so do visit clinicsots for more information.