Heart Hospital in India

The heart is the most crucial organ that continuously pumps blood throughout the body. But over the years, there has been an increase in cardiovascular diseases like heart attack, stroke, irregular heartbeat etc. In the present scenario, heart diseases have become the number one killer around the world and there is a steady rise in this percentage every year.

Actually, there are many factors that are responsible for the growing heart problems among people all over the globe like diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol level, smoking, stress and unhealthy lifestyle. Well-equipped hospitals are needed to overcome this situation and give heart patients timely medical help. For advanced cardiovascular procedures, many patients prefer the best heart hospital in India.

In recent times there has been a high surge in medical tourism in the sub-continent with scores of people coming here for various treatments especially cancer and heart ailments. Other than top hospitals and experienced surgeons, affordable heart surgery cost in India is the main criteria for international patients visiting this country.

Why heart hospitals in India?

There are several factors that make cardiac hospitals in India the best option for comprehensive treatment.

  • First and foremost, India has some of the best cardiologists who are expert in treating the most complicated and critical cases with positive results.

The cardiologists in India are experienced in all type of heart surgeries like open heart surgery, bypass surgery, heart valve repair or replacement surgery and many others. They also offer alternative treatments such as balloon angioplasty, stents and laser angioplasty.

  • There are many heart hospitals all over India that have world-class infrastructure and ultra-modern diagnostic centers and ICU capable of handling emergency and sensitive cases. All the major metros in India have several private and government hospitals that cater to all class of people.

In India, you will find exclusive heart hospitals that deal only in cardiovascular diseases as well as multi-specialty hospitals. You can choose the hospital according to your budget but nevertheless, you are assured of the best possible medical treatment.

  • Economical heart surgery cost in India is one of the most important factors that attract thousands of overseas patients. Undergoing Bypass surgery in India will cost you approximately $2300 to $ 4500 which is a lot less than what it costs in the US i.e. around $70000 to $ 200000. Such a large margin in cost variation makes India a viable option to patients who cannot afford the surgery in their own country.
  • The patients are provided consultations and treatment without any delay as there is no waiting period.
  • Communicating in India is easy as people are well versed in English and all the big hospitals have a translator who can help with foreign languages like Arabic, Germany, French, etc.
  • India is easily accessible as it has international airports in all the major cities. Other than this, the network of roadways and railways are well-developed making travel easy.

What are the parameters that are taken into consideration while choosing the best heart hospital in India?

When your heart is at risk then it makes sense to get the treatment from the best cardiac hospital that is equipped to treat your specific condition.

  • Check the creditability of the hospital

Before choosing a heart hospital in India, get to know its reputation and ranking with the help of reviews, ratings and data. Also, choose a hospital that is JCI or NABH accredited as it guarantees a high level of performance and hygiene.

Getting your treatment from a hospital that has a high influx of patients undergoing heart treatment will have all the necessary facilities and experienced medical faculty that can provide you with the best treatment options.

  • Furthermore, opting for a reputed hospital with a large staff is a better idea as they have the department of excellence which offers specialized experts and services for your specific problem. Another advantage of having treatment at the big hospital is you are provided treatment from a team of doctors that work together to solve your medical issue under one roof.

Success rate of Heart Surgeries in India

India has a high success rate for all the cardiovascular diseases. For Bypass surgery, the success rate is as high as 95% to 98% and for valve replacement surgery it is around 95% to 96%.