Why should you consider Charcoal Pills?

First of all, let us make a point clear, that is you should not follow any fashion trend until and unless you know about it all. Although using any beauty or health product made up of charcoal is the talk of the health conscious as well as the fashion conscious population of the town, however, we forbid you from following the trend blindly, and rather gather every bit of information regarding the product before you start using it in any form. It is highly recommended you go through skincare.net charcoal pill story and you can know all the details about the pills before coming to any decisive opinion.

Charcoal Pills and the process of Adsorption?

The charcoal pills are nothing but solidified active charcoal powder. Charcoal powder is derived from coconut shells or wood or rocks. The powder is then activated by burning it alongside gases and the micro pores develop within the charcoal and the charcoal is then charged with negative energy, which thereafter, sucks up the toxins of the body and improves the skin. This process is called “adsorption”.

Adsorption is the process of a chemical reaction where the elements gets bonded to a surface. The charcoal which is hugely charged with negative charge, causes the positively charged toxin and gas to bond with it. However, keep in mind to take at least 12-16 glasses of water per day, to keep dehydration at bay.

Some Uses of Charcoal

  • Relieves Gas and Bloating: Don’t overlook the power of Charcoal if you are suffering from gas and bloating, the Charcoal adsorbs the gas and the products of the food causing gas. 500mg of Charcoal is enough to make a patient find relieve in his condition.
  • Treats Poisoning from Alcohol: Although Charcoal does not absorb alcohol, but it surely does remove all the toxic substances that might lead to the poisoning. Besides, activated charcoal is very effective in the treatment and reduction of blood alcohol concentration and all this is possible even if the person is unconscious or is showing signs of severe alcohol poisoning.
  • Mold Cleansing: People think that a little bit of mold infestation is quite okay, but actually mold can lead to depression, both liver and kidney failure. Besides, it is also the cause of strokes, heart attacks, headaches and vomiting. Activated Charcoal can help a lot in cleansing the mold off surfaces.

These are the various reasons why you should consider the charcoal pill.