John Clemenza Suggests on Healthy Habits To Avoid Germs Found In Domestic Environment

“Home is where the heart is”, goes the saying. Well, we don’t know about the heart but we certainly know about the germs. Yes, our homes the safest place for us is not quite safe. Despite being cleaned regularly, it often remains a pit hole for germs. It’s these germs that we are most affected by. They are the reason for most infections and diseases. As per John Clemenza New York, In order to prevent this, we need to imbibe certain healthy habits. So, here we are, shedding some light into the matter.

Keep your devices clean

Most of our homes are filled with devices that we use regularly. We spend most of the time using these devices. These include the TV remote, the smartphone, the desktop computer, laptop, mixers, grinders, fridge and other such appliances. While we clean our home these appliances are seldom taken care. Appliances like the TV remote, smartphone, tablets and the fridge has more bacteria in it than any other place. So make sure you clean them regularly. Also, make a habit of not consuming any food near these appliances. This will keep infections at bay and keep you healthy.

Clean the doorknobs and the switches

The door knobs, handles, and switches are the storehouses of germs. So, in order to keep your home free from germs wash them regularly, at least once a week.

Make your bed properly

The bed where we sleep a spend most of our leisure is often an untidy place. An unclean bed is a home to germs, not just you. It’s here were the dust particles accumulate. So, it’s essential you clean the bed properly. Dust it properly and change the pillow covers, bed sheets, blankets and other things regularly. Make your bed before heading out. It’s the least you can do to keep your home clean.

Wash and fold your clothes regularly

Daily cleaning of clothes is a basic need. Even if you don’t get the time to clean your clothes daily, do it once in 2-3days and don’t forget to keep it neatly folded. Those way germs do not bother them.

Keep the rugs, carpets and the doormats clean

Carpets, rugs, and doormats are some of the regularly used items yet the least cleaned ones. They harbor most of the germs and the dust particles. Clean them regularly, at least once a week.

Clean the flowerpots and potted plants

John Clemenza New York says that most of us have small potted plants and flowerpots in our home but seldom have we cleaned them. Well, germs can from there as well. So make sure you clean all those flowers pots and potted plant areas, and changed the water accordingly, at least 1-2times per month. Educate your son and daughter the vitality of maintaining hygiene in everyday life.

Clean the bathroom sinks and wash basins

It’s known to all that these places harbor most of the germs. So make sure you clean them regularly. Use proper disinfectants and sanitizers. Detergent alone won’t serve the purpose. Clean them at least once a month.

Get Regular shots

To stay away from varieties of infection, talk to your physician and take necessary immunization as recommended the practitioner.